Blue Line Series

Blue Line Series products consist of 100% natural jute fibres.

We take the fibres from nature, we process it many times until the fibres acquire properties as our clients desire, like good air/moisture ratio which leads to excellent growth.

After growing your leafy green vegetables, pot herbs or microgreens the use of our soilless substrate can even be prolonged to grow mushrooms, or used as food for livestock, and/or to serve as biodiversity.

Blue Mat

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Blue Plug

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Blue Wraps

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Orange Line Series

If we mix the jute fibres with little PLA flakes we will get the Orange Line products.
Clients wanting more water retention so they can stall their products for weeks in buckets, or airplanes, it’s made possible bij Holland BioProducts.

Exporting products to other countries can present various challenges, and product shelf life is one of the critical factors to consider. Our “Orange Wrap” is a solution that helps extend the shelf life of products. We address the issue of evaporation and effectively extends the shelf life of perishable goods, it can be a valuable tool for exporters and distributors.

Potential benefits of using Orange Wrap:

  1. Extended Shelf Life: By reducing evaporation, our “Orange Wrap” can help prevent the loss of moisture from perishable goods during transit and storage, thus extending their shelf life. This is particularly beneficial for products with limited durability, such as fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables.
  2. Reduced Waste: With a longer shelf life, the risk of products expiring before reaching consumers is minimized. This can help reduce waste and financial losses associated with unsold goods.
  3. Better Quality Control: Maintaining the quality and freshness of products during export is crucial for customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Your “Orange Wrap” can aid in preserving the product’s appearance, taste, and texture throughout the journey.
  4. Market Expansion: With extended shelf life, exporters can reach more distant markets that were previously difficult to access due to transportation time and logistics constraints.
  5. Cost Savings: By reducing product spoilage, exporters can save on replacement costs and potential compensation for disappointed customers. Supermarkets don’t need to water your flowers and vegetables.
  6. Potential Risks: Soil in supermarkets; customers or staff may slip and injure themselves due to wet and slippery floors, leading to potential liability issues for the supermarket.

Orange Wraps

Orange Mat

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