HollandBioProducts: First in the World to Fully Comply with EU Regulation FPR 2019/1009 on Growing Mediums

HollandBioProducts (HBP), a global pioneer in jute substrates and growing mediums, proudly marks a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the world’s first company to achieve complete compliance with the EU Regulation FPR 2019/1009. The EU Regulation FPR 2019/1009, which took effect on July 22, 2022, is designed to enhance consumer protection, elevate food safety, and streamline regulatory requirements across the European Union.

Key aspects that HBP has seamlessly integrated include:

1. Stringent Product Testing and Certification 

HBP has taken proactive measures to ensure that its Blue Line Series products undergo comprehensive testing to meet the highest safety standards. These products have successfully passed testing and certification by accredited laboratories.

2. Clear and Informative Labelling

Customer awareness and safety are a top priority. HBP has revamped its product labelling to provide clear information to consumers, detailed usage instructions, vital safety warnings, and responsible disposal guidelines.

3. Advanced Traceability and Accountability

HBP has implemented a robust documentation and traceability system. This empowers the company to swiftly address any potential concerns by tracking the origin and journey of its products, fostering transparency throughout the supply chain.

4. Customer Education and Empowerment

HBP’s dedication to its customers reflects in their educational initiatives. Proactively communicating how customers can benefit, arming consumers with knowledge, HBP aims to enhance their understanding of the regulation’s impact.

Looking Ahead

With an unwavering commitment to complying to industry standards, HBP is dedicated to continuously improving their products. This ensures that the company’s products and services consistently meet the highest safety and quality standards.

About HollandBioProducts:

HBP seamlessly integrate proven scientific practices with data services. Paving the way for sustainable agriculture, HBP also plays a pivotal role in the last mile of harvest, enhancing food safety and availability.

Experience safer and smarter farming with HollandBioProducts! 

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