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GreenTech brings you to the heart of the horticulture sector

We are attending Greentech 2023 in Amsterdam on 13-14-15 of June.

Join Us at the GreenTech Event

Registration for GreenTech Amsterdam 2023 is open

Products we present at greenTech event

HollandBioProducts are environmentally friendly applications that are
100% compostable and to be used in automated systems.

Our products are characterized by the use of organic Jute fibers mixed with our patented BioFlakes which absorbs and retains water close to the roots — creating the perfect moisture-air balance.

Quick background of ourselves

Our story began in 2017 when we handpicked natural fibers for production to be used in various types of tissue culture, seed germination, and our patented Pre-Seeded Mats and Pre-Seeded Plugs.

We are a technology and R&D company with a global reach, and our roots are in the Netherlands’ “Food Valley,” known for its world-renowned center for life sciences and agricultural research, Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

Our cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way indoor farming is done. Our proven system is utilized by indoor farms of all sizes across several continents to grow soilless Baby leaves, Herbs/Spices and Mini Crops in aeroponic, aquaponic, and hydroponic systems.

what to expect?

At GreenTech Amsterdam industry professionals from all over the world will come together to connect, network, share knowledge and do business. Visitors will be offered a complete overview of the products and services of the world’s leading companies and innovators throughout the show floor, stages and social events.


GreenTech’s knowledge programme is packed with international top-notch speakers and an extensive range of topics covering the latest trends, developments, and challenges in the horticulture sector. With the title ‘Your connection to sustainable food and flower production’ GreenTech will be the platform for topics such as smart lighting, plant health, resilient cultivation and robotics.

Theme Pavilions

With its diverse pavilions, GreenTech Amsterdam offers a platform to extensively share and gain new knowledge. Find several pavilions with exhibitors specialized in industry fields such as Vertical Farming, Plant Compounds (Cannabis), AI & Robotics and new this year, Renewable Energy. But also a Start-up Pavilion for newcomers to the horticulture industry.   

Country Pavilions

Together with trade organisations, associations, and other national/governmental organisations, GreenTech organises different country pavilions where companies can build a stronger presence at the exhibition floor with the aim to create a national bond and combine marketing efforts.  

Innovation & Concept Awards

Research, development, and progressive insights are key elements for the future of our business, and contribute to a sustainable horticulture sector. GreenTech acknowledges organisations that innovate and differentiate themselves from the rest. If your product or service makes a difference in the horticulture market, you should register it for a unique chance to enjoy the attention of international media and the industry – before, during, and after GreenTech Amsterdam takes place.


Don’t miss out the highlighted exhibitors with the GreenTech Routes. To get the most out of your experience, we recommend you to download the GreenTech Connect app and follow your routes of interest on the foor plan. You will be able to easily identify your chosen companies through stickers placed on the exhibition floor.

Demo Areas

Come to the Robot Arena and the new Renewable Energy Demo where live demonstrations and the latest innovations will be showcased.

Side Events

Make sure your GreenTech is not all work and no play…

Student options

Are you a pupil or student who follows a study program and wants to learn from horticulture professionals or set foot in the industry? GreenTech gives you different options to join the event for free.

GreenTech CSR Goals 2023

1. All catering items to be purchased by GreenTech itself is vegan.

2. There will be trash islands present on the show floor to make sure trash can be separated correctly.

3. We aim for a paperless environment.

At GreenTech, we believe that creating a sustainable future is a collective responsibility. This is why we are dedicated to educating others. By exploring our programme overview, you will discover the different SDGs in the session descriptions. We are committed to driving innovation and fostering sustainable practices. Through education and collaboration, we can build a greener, more equitable world for future generations.

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